CycleOps is a leader in trainer technology!
No matter what your goals, it shouldn't be a major ordeal to get a ride in. CycleOps products are built to help you stay on the bike and remain fit all-year round. Check this preview of CycleOps' line-up and then come in soon to see our whole selection!


Sprint as much as you want on CycleOps' Fluid2. It can take it!

CycleOps' Fluid2 Trainer with its smooth "Power Band" technology, allows distinct resistance-level changes without reaching for a lever on the unit. Resistance varies automatically depending on your cadence from less than 20 watts to over 725 watts, more than enough range for any cyclist and any workout.
The Mag Trainer uses magnetic fields to generate a wide range of adjustable resistance, perfect for cyclists determined to stay in shape year round. Its unique design incorporates a flywheel for an unbeatably smooth and quiet ride. And you can choose from 5 resistance settings for varied workouts.
CyleOps' Mag Trainer is super smooth!

CycleOps' Wind Trainer is a great value!
CycleOps' Wind Trainer provides all the strength and cardiovascular exercise you can handle. Its heavy die-cast-zinc fan blades double as a flywheel for smooth, progressive resistance. The faster you pedal, the harder your workout... just like riding your bike on the open road!
Ride as far as you want without moving an inch!Riding a CycleOps is a great way to keep up your fitness and maintain your form when the weather is miserable. It quickly and easily attaches to your rear axle and holds the bike in place as you ride. CycleOps' Riser Block lets you set your front wheel at a comfortable height. And, voila, you're ready to ride! You'll love how riding a CycleOps staves off the holiday weight gain, keeps you fit in the winter, lets you exercise under controlled conditions, and even lets you warm up next to your vehicle at races and events!


Build balance and strength on CycleOps' Aluminum Rollers with Resistance!
Put your bike on CycleOps' Aluminum Rollers with Resistance and feel the smoothness of the precision rollers. It’s like riding outdoors! CycleOps' unique resistance design uses no moving parts yet gives you as much resistance as you need. Also, the wheelbase can be adjusted, the steel frame folds for convenient storage and transport, and the belt can be placed on the right or left according to how you mount. The Aluminum Rollers come with a limited lifetime warranty, too.

With CycleOps' Rollers Fork Stand anyone can ride rollers! Just attach this little beauty to your rollers, clamp your fork in place, get on and ride. It's that simple. The Fork Stand mounts directly to the frame of your rollers for excellent strength and stability. No balancing is necessary so you can watch television or read while riding your rollers!
CycleOps' Rollers Fork Stand is safe and secure!

And More...

CycleOps Riser Block offers multiple indoor workouts!
CycleOps' Riser Block has a unique 3-level design that lets you pick the right height for your front end. This makes your trainer time more comfortable and productive. You'll ride harder and longer, because you'll be in a more natural position. Plus, you can even do climbing workouts with it. Virtually indestructible, the injection-molded Riser Block stabilizes your bike and can be used with any rear-mounted trainer.
Use CycleOps' Training Mat to protect your floors and carpets from bike grime and trainer wear. Durable and sweat proof, the Training Mat helps keep your trainer from walking across the floor and it absorbs vibration and noise, too.

CycleOps' Training Mat protects your floors!

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