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Just as Beacon Cycling & Fitness is your best source for new equipment, our Free Classifieds are the place to find and sell used gear. Following are the basic rules for using this service:
  • Merchandise listed is "as is."
  • We do not represent the accuracy of information.
  • Consumer listings only (no businesses, please).
  • Buyers and sellers are solely responsible for their transactions.
  • If you see an inappropriate post, notify us immediately.
  • Ads may be deleted or edited if not bike/fitness related, at our option and without notice.
  •      Need help buying or selling used equipment? 





    Accessories Accessories
    Sell and buy those important cycling add-ons here.
    Apparel Apparel (1)
    The place for cycling wear that's got its second wind.
    Bicycles Bicycles (1)
    Find or list a used steed in search of its new rider.
    Bike Frames Bike Frames (1)
    Off-road or on-, bike "skeletons" ride again here.
    BMX Gear BMX Gear
    A place to recycle and pick-up used BMX accessories.
    Child Carriers Child Carriers
    Folk with kids of their own need what yours have outgrown.
    Collectibles Collectibles
    Start a bike museum or move your priceless stuff.
    Components Components
    Got a garage-full of parts, or want one? Make your deals.
    Fitness Equipment Fitness Equipment
    Ready for a new machine? Have one to sell? Look inside.
    Other Cool Stuff Other Cool Stuff
    The spot for great cycling extras and unique items.
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