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SUN "CRUSHER" Fat Tire Cruisers

Fat Tire Bikes

One of the items we get the most questions about are the new fat tire cruisers.  The biggest question being "What is that?!"  Well, a few years ago some mountain bikes came out with 3" - 4" wide tires.  To fit a tire this big the bike needed to be specifically built for it.  These bikes found a niche in Alaska and the American West where people found they could go over snow and sand where other bikes would get quickly bogged down.

So, if you can take a mountain bike through the desert sand, why not a beach bike?  Enter the Sun Crusher.  These bikes are purpose built for simplicity and fun.  Not only are they at home on the beach, but people are finding the big tires serve as a great shock absorber for neighborhood riding too.  You'd be hard pressed to find a simpler bike that offers a smoother ride around the neighborhood and local parks!

But as they say: Don't take my word for it!  Stop by one of our locations and take one out for a spin.

Singlespeed Black

Singlepeed Silver

Singlespeed Step Through Red

Singlespeed Step Through Orange

Seven Speed Black

Crushers in Catalog

Sun Bicycles Crusher 7 - Women's
Sun Bicycles Crusher 7 - Women's - 2014

With a sturdy steel frame and massive, go-anywhere tires, Sun's Crusher 7 is ready to cruise whenever you are. The relaxed, upright riding position… [more]


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