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We have partnered with to help you sell your bike!Selling a used bicycle can be tricky. How much is it worth? How do you effectively advertise it? How can you ensure that interested persons know what they're getting? Because selling a used bike is challenging like this, and not always a straightforward process, we've partnered with to assist you.

Then we'll step in and do the heavy lifting. We'll thoroughly inspect your bike to ensure that you and the buyer are on the same page regarding the quality and price. We'll also package your bike and ship it for you. No need to fuss with disassembly and awkward boxes. We'll do it right to ensure its safety.They've established evaluation, advertising, inspection and shipping procedures that are hassle-free, and you'll use us, your local bike shop as a trusted third party to help make it easier.

First, use the Bicycle Value Guide to help determine the price of your bike. Then you'll upload several photos to's website where your bike will be viewable in the Marketplace Listingssection. Interested parties will be able to ask you questions, make you an offer or buy your bike.

If you have any questions about the process, please don't hesitate to call us or stop by the shop with your bicycle—we're here to help.

What's Your Bike Worth?

How does it work?

Our seasoned mechanics will check over the bike and guide you through the valuation process using the third-party blue book service We will then issue you immediate credit for your purchase or a gift card which can be used at any later time towards any purchase at BEACON Cycling. You can get an estimate of your bike's value here to get an idea what your bike might be worth.


How will a bike's condition be evaluated?

One of our veteran mechanics will use good judgement to assess the condition of the following systems to arrive at an overall condition:

  • Frame
  • Wheels
  • Drivetrain
  • Rubber
  • Touch points (grips, saddle)


What bikes will be accepted?

In general, most bikes originally purchased from a bike shop will be eligible. To do our part to fight bike theft and for your security, we will require the following to process a trade in:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Serial number on the bike must not be defaced or destroyed


 Some other fine print

Before you load up your bikes and family into the car, please consider the following:

  • All valuations will be provided by the 3rd-party database. For bikes that do not exist in this database, an ad hoc good faith valuation will be made.
  • valuations assume all stock-componentry. Any upgrades/downgrades from the original specification will be taken into account.
  • Some bikes may not qualify for resale and therefore will not be eligible for trade-in. Many department store bikes (Huffy, Magna, Next) will fall into this category.
  • Trade in value is loaded onto a BEACON Cycling gift card which can be used immediately or saved for later. It will not expire.

More details

Bike Qualifications - the program is only designed for Bike Store quality level bikes model year 2000 or newer

  • Valuations assume all original parts (or better) are on the bike for valuation
  • Department store level bikes do not qualify (such as Huffy, Magna, Next and alike)
  • Tandems, adult trikes, and recumbents do not qualify
  • If your bike is not in the database it can still be valued, the custom quote process will take 24-48 hours

Bike Condition

  • Your bike should be clean, functioning, and in sellable condition
  • The serial number must be clearly visible and not be defaced or destroyed

What to bring

  • A valid US issued driver's license, state ID, or Passport
  • Any chargers, manuals, and/or accessories that go with the bike
  • Receipts for any upgrades made to the bike

Fighting Theft

  • We log your valid driver's license number as I.D
  • We log the bike's serial number
  • We have you sign a statement that says the bike is yours to sell

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